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My names Sienna, im 30 and I'm the owner of Magic Mama Emporium. 
Ive been hunting and collecting for as long as i can remember. Some of my first memories are of me hoisted over my mums hip while she sifted through the dusty rows of antique stores looking for gold - her entire home and wardrobe is like a museum.
Every year we would travel from Queensland to Victoria through the dusty, hot inland roads, sometimes our only solstice on a 40 degree day was to stop in the closest little town & look through the local secondhand store - they are some of my favorite memories.
I started sewing & selling vintage clothes from the stoop at the front of my house 8 years ago while I was studying fashion design and living in Geelong; I have always loved collecting for myself but I was getting to a point where I needed to start moving things on that no longer suited me because I needed to make space. 
Since that day it has travelled with me through 3 states, countless spare rooms & 1 tent. It was humble beginnings, but my roots are a little more solid now.
HQ is currently based on a little property just out of Seal Rocks on the mid coast of NSW, Australia/Worimi Country.
All of your clothes are designed, sewn, sorted, printed, repaired & washed from the 4 walls of my little cabin.
My collection of vintage has been hand picked and curated over time from a mixture of private stockists in Australia, markets, antique & vintage stores & second hand stores; I also have several badass women that I am forever grateful too for sharing their time, stories & incredible vintage collections with me. Many pieces come from my own personal collection but are ready for a new home, and others have been passed on to me by family & friends. 
I'm inspired by so many things i love - art, music, old movies (love a B grade slasher), dusty photo albums, old magazines that have been long forgotten, the open road, dingy motels left in time, old cars, wabi sabi, good food with even better company, the stories you hear around a campfire at 2 in the morning, The sunsets in Tungamah in the summer, the decrepit and the abandoned and of course damn good vintage - you know, the good stuff;
So thanks for taking a minute to get to know a little about me and the roots from where Magic Mama stems - I hope you can find something that you love.